TwoWings Learning Center

A learning resource center providing parents with the support they need to successfully navigate, with their children, the educational process
Exploring cultures through guest lecturers, educators, native and traditional dance teachers and musicians.

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A child centered, parent facilitated approach to education
Creating an atmosphere conducive to growth
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Kevin Locke, preeminent player of the indigenous Northern Plains flute, a traditional storyteller, cultural ambassador, recording artist and educator, presented a workshop on self esteem and Hoop Dancing, Sept 28, 2002.
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TwoWings, an educational cooperative effort, combines the child's natural curiosity to learn with the parent's innate ability to guide their children in life.
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TwoWings Learning Center's goal is to have a full resource center, with a science lab, dedicated to provide you with the material you need to help in your child's educational process. The style of learning we promote is that of a teacher-learner participant. What does that mean? That the teacher is one who guides the education while participating in the learning themselves. A parent is a teacher-learner, they don't have all the answers and are always learning for themselves. This type of home environment is one where children learn the best. Check out our Frequently Asked Questions page to learn more. Whether you choose to educate your child at home, in the private sector or in the public educational system this cooperative effort is committed to providing parents with the tools needed to be a part of your child's educational process.
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Visisting students from Japan
Foreign Exchange students from Japan visiting the Learning Center
Students taking part in a plant identification workshop at the Forestry Station 1/2 mile from the Learning Center
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Located in Astoria, Oregon. Call 503-338-8679 for more information
In order to better serve our community we would like to know what YOU want. We are hoping to have a community club this summer, a place for young adults, teens and children to learn new skills, share knowledge, and have fun. Please take our survey so that we will know how to best serve you, plus get a small gift of appreciation!

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Mediation Services:
Twowings Learning Center has two certified mediators available to help families mediate their concerns, arriving at a plan whereby all parties thrive in their environment.
Consultation Services: Let TwoWings Learning Center help you devise the best curriculum available for your child. A flexible curriculum that adapts to the changes in your family, using all of the resources in the county. Part public, part home, together creating an environment conducive to the growth of holistically healthy child able to be a contributing member of society.