About Us
TwoWings Learning Center is open to members only. Members pay fees on a weekly, monthly or yearly basis. Members sign a contract which clarifies the purpose of TwoWings Learning Center and what it offers its members.
Membership to TwoWings Learning Center entitles the individual access to books and equipment at the Learning Center. TwoWings Learning Center will provide a variety of classes, designed in a multi-age level format. The individual, or the legal representative (caregiver) of the individual, makes the decision as to whether or not the individual is capable of handling the materials and content of the class. TwoWings Learning Center is not a daycare or childcare facility. TwoWings Learning Center does not guarantee the safety of any individual. Individuals should not remain unattended at TwoWings Learning Center unless that individual is fully capable of ensuring their own safety while maintaining a respectful behavior towards themselves and others. Individuals will leave TwoWings Learning Center if their behavior is dangerous or disrespectful to themselves or to others.

FACILITATORS at TwoWings Learning Center are private contractors who are responsible for their own taxes, insurances and liability. Facilitators are required to sign release of information forms, allowing background checks to be conducted, as well as random drug/alcohol checking. This is does not release individual participants from their obligation to keep theirselves, and all those who they are legally responsible for, safe. TwoWings Learning Center's goal is to provide a safe learning atmosphere. Any facilitator engaging in harmful behavior will be asked to leave. If warranted, or if any illegal activity is observed, the proper authorities will be contacted.
TwoWings Learing Center is owned and operated by TwoWings, LLC. , a limited liability, family owned, company. It is a social and economic development project, designed to help, encourage and support parents and grandparents in the educational process of their children. Parents (or legal representative, caregivers) of the children are expected to keep their children (and themselves) safe and resectful at all times. TwoWings Learning Center is not a daycare or childcare facility. It does not offer protective or behaviorial guidance to any individual. All individuals are expected to care for themselves, behaving in a safe and respectful manner. Essentially, TwoWings Learning Center is a resource center offering caregivers the opportunity to network with other caregivers while exploring ways to facilitate their child's education, all the while in a learning mode themselves.
For Family discount rates, a family is defined as those individuals, living in one household, who have a legal and financial obligation towards one another. TwoWings Learning Center attempts to keep fees at a low rate. Your honesty in observing our definition of family, for the purpose of obtaining family discount rates, is deeply appreciated.