Twowings Learning Center
Survey to assess community's needs and wishes
In order to better serve our community we would like to know what your interests are. How can we best serve you? Please answer the following questions. You have the choice of answering them anonymously or providing your name and mailing address and a small gift of appreciation will be sent to you. You will have the choice of either a poster or coloring sheet/activities page for each child in your family.
We look forward to serving you in the very near future. Please feel free to answer as many of the questions as apply. We hope to have the first results of this survey completed 30 March 2005.
How would you use TwoWings Learning Center and/or Community Club?

If you are a Teen/Young Adult check the type of courses that would interest you:
(learning effective communication skills w/your partner and how to create a nurturing environment for a happy family).
(learning how to write effective letters: Resumes, disputes, requests)
(learning how to develop a project/invention/art work/photography/etc)
How often would you attend a class at TwoWings Learning Center?
Check the following items that you think should be provided to the teens in a community outside of public school sponsored events and that you would be interested in participating in.
With Pool, ping pong, foos ball, cards, tv/movies
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Go to the above courses and check the ones that interest you
ADULTS Which of the following would interest you?
(In order to obtain a degree -with online access to internet, help w/registration, research, childcare)
Is there any other service, course or concern that hasn't been discussed in this survey that you think a learning center should address?
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Mailing Address:


Zip Code:

To give us a better understanding of who would be interested in using TwoWings Learning Center please provide the following information
Approximate yearly income:

How many members in the family:

Yearly, how much money spent on education and/or educational supplies:

Yearly, approx how much money spent on recreation/sports:

What heritage/culture most influences you/your family?

How many children in the family?                             What are their ages?
How many teens?
How far would you travel to attend a class at the learning center?
What price range would you be willing to pay per course?
What sort of discount should be provided to families?
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Take me to the bottom, I'm done filling this out!
Take me to the bottom I'm done filling this out!
(Reading recipes, making grocery lists, planning meals)
* For purpose of clarification -for pricing classes/courses and membership- a family shall mean a household consisting of adult(s) and the child(ren) they are legally and financially responsible for per IRS tax codes and/or a support order.
email me
supplementing/supporting homeschooling efforts
to access internet for educational purposes
Children's Classes
Check those boxes that your children would enjoy and/or you feel would help them.
Creative expression through many mediums
Learning about values in all of the cultures through games, reading, art
Learning how to discuss and comprehend what was read. Expressive writing.
Learning the history of games, why they were made, why we play them and how to make up our own
What is your religious affiliation?
Other courses you would be interested in
Other courses/services that should be available to teens or what courses would you like to facilitate/teach?
Additional courses/services you would be interested in: Such as karate; yoga; an ice cream parlor; learning job skills; facilitating/teaching a class yourself?
Dancing? Ball, square, tango, couple or ...
Card club? Bridge, Hearts, Pinnocle or...
I would like to facilitate the following:
What other types of courses or services would you like to have provided to the community via a learning center or community club?

In your homeschooling efforts what sort of courses/services would help you? What would be of benefit to your child?
In helping your child to achieve educational goals what sort of courses/services would help you? Would help your child?
In helping your children in their academic endeavors what courses/services would be beneficial to you? To your child?
Elaborate here:
Are there other courses/services you would like to see offered for your child(ren)?
Other Craft?
Thank-you, for coming to visit our site! We hope you will take the time to fill out our survey.
What kind?.
THANK-YOU! If you would like to be kept updated
by mail regarding classes/special events, please send your email address to us.
Jump to the section that applies to you/your family, be sure to visit them all as appropriate.
This first survey will be concluded in:
Choose one gift:
91995 HWY 202
Astoria OR 97103
Check the following types of courses that would appeal to you and/or your family:
Year round
Distance education for degree
Obtain Lesson Plans
Seasonally during school breaks
Art classes
Vocational classes
Language classes
Science classes
Universal Values/Children as Peacemakers/Multi Cultural
Financial planning (how to budget for purchasing a vehicle or home)
Family Planning
Creative Control
Sports teams
Having access to a rec room
Book club/Photo club/chess club
Counselling for personal/family problems
Provide Hotlines for Peer counselling
I would like to be a peer counselor
Check this box if you are between the ages of 12-15
Check this box if the above courses interest you
Art courses
Writing/Literature courses
English as a 2nd Language
Cultural Literacy
Adult Education (GED Prep)
Distance Education
Distance Education (online degree programs)
Mentoring youth
Scrap Booking
Check here if you homeschool
Check if you have child(ren) in public school
Check if you have child(ren) in private school
Must be within city limitsWhere the public bus travelsTravel isn't a consideration
$15/week$25/weekMuch lessMuch more
10% off for additional classes10% off for additional peopleMonthly plan w/classes included
Less than $20,000$20,000-$50,000Over $50,000
Less than $1000$1000-$5000More than $5000
OtherNoneToo Personal
Children as Peacemakers
Universal Values
First Aid
Sign Language
PosterColoring/Activity Page
Yes, send me the newsletter (check here)
I wouldn't use this learning center
Already attend a learning centerSchools do the jobNo child/No need
1-2 hours/day1-2 hours/eveningOnce/weekWeekend seminar
I would be interested in job skill trainingI would not be interested in job skill training
Public Speaking